Friday, March 2, 2012

ABBA embroidery design


English embroidery, practised by
both sexes in convents and
monasteries, 2; mediaeval ex-
amples in many cases wantonly
destroyed, 3 ; famous on the
Continent during thirteenth cen-
tury, 15 ; examples of the twelfth
century not numerous, 21 ; its
best period the later thirteenth
and early fourteenth centuries,
26 ; that many early specimens
are found abroad not surprising,
27 ; lions' or leopards' heads
devices frequently used in, 28,
33 ; early fourteenth-century ex-
example at Mount St. Mary's
College, 36 ; examples from Cat-
worth Church, Plate xiv, 39, 40 ;
later subjects enclosed by foli-
ated branch-work, 42 ; its decline
during the fourteenth century,
46 ; examples of the fourteenth
century neither skilful nor numer-
ous, 46 ; orphreys of the fifteenth
century on an altar frontal, Plate
xxii, 49 ; materials in use towards
the close of the fifteenth century,
50 ; developed a marked style
towards the end of the fifteenth
century, ib. ; scheme of orna-
mentation, 51 ; the designs of the
sixteenth century characterized by
quaintness and playfulness

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