Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bernese Mountain Cross Stitch Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog

The colour illustration (Plate A) represents
a most charming example of the
needlework of the Elizabethan period : a
side of a tunic belonging to Mrs. Buxton of
acklingham, Suffolk. There are three pieces
of the sleeves also existing, but the other
parts are now lost. The ground is linen,
the embroidery being in silks and silver-gilt
thread. The pattern throughout is a simple
repeat of roses, each on a straight stalk, with
a leaf on either side. This work displays
none of the exuberance so often seen in Elizabethan
embroidery, but it is very pleasing
nevertheless. For simple grace, it would be
hard to choose between this and the exquisite
embroidered binding of a Bible of the year
1583 in the Bodleian Library at Oxford.*
The book, which is believed to have belonged
to Queen Elizabeth, is bound in crimson
velvet, embroidered with a pattern of inter-
lacing rose-stems in gold, silver, and colours.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Dragon embroidery design


Orphreys, embroidered, thirteenth
and fourteenth centuries, Plate
xvi, 41, 42 ; photographs of two
with shields of Edward III.
and John Grandison, Bishop of
Exeter, note, 47 ; of fifteenth
century on central and right of
altar frontal, 49 ; fragments of,
included in altar cloth at Lyng,
57 ; orphrey in South Kensing-
ton Museum showing first symp-
toms of degeneracy, 47; of
early sixteenth century on chasu-
ble of late fourteenth century

Fantasy Horse embroidery design

Fantasy Horse

Mary, Queen of Scots, her liking
for embroidery, 5 ; her skill in
the art, 72, 82 ; embroidered
panels at Hardwick associated
with, 83 ; Hardwick Hall full of
memorials of, 82

Bruce Springsteen embroidery design

Bruce Springsteen

Hard wick Hall continued.
older mansion near, the prison-
house of Mary, Queen of Scots,
82 ; embroidered panel, with
monogram of Mary, Queen of
Scots, at, Plate xliii, 82, 83 ;
panels of appliqud work, with
initials of the Countess of Shrews-
bury, at, Plate xliv, 83, 84 ; panel
of applique* work, with crest of
Hardwick, at, Plate xlv, 83, 84 ;
erected by Elizabeth, Countess of
Shrewsbury, 82

ABBA embroidery design


English embroidery, practised by
both sexes in convents and
monasteries, 2; mediaeval ex-
amples in many cases wantonly
destroyed, 3 ; famous on the
Continent during thirteenth cen-
tury, 15 ; examples of the twelfth
century not numerous, 21 ; its
best period the later thirteenth
and early fourteenth centuries,
26 ; that many early specimens
are found abroad not surprising,
27 ; lions' or leopards' heads
devices frequently used in, 28,
33 ; early fourteenth-century ex-
example at Mount St. Mary's
College, 36 ; examples from Cat-
worth Church, Plate xiv, 39, 40 ;
later subjects enclosed by foli-
ated branch-work, 42 ; its decline
during the fourteenth century,
46 ; examples of the fourteenth
century neither skilful nor numer-
ous, 46 ; orphreys of the fifteenth
century on an altar frontal, Plate
xxii, 49 ; materials in use towards
the close of the fifteenth century,
50 ; developed a marked style
towards the end of the fifteenth
century, ib. ; scheme of orna-
mentation, 51 ; the designs of the
sixteenth century characterized by
quaintness and playfulness

Justin Bieber embroidery design

Justin Bieber

Decorative needlework an indica-
tion of the social life of women, i

Denny, Sir Anthony, pair of leather
gloves said to have been given
by Henry VIII. to, 77

Denny, Sir Edward, Knt., Banneret,

Denny, Sir Edward, afterwards
Earl of Norwich, pair of leather
gloves given by James I.