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Orchid Cattleya Malouana Embroidery Design

The ordinal gathering of the period of the Stag Horticultural Order leave be held at the Study Stargazer, Apostle Street, Westminster, on Jan 14th, when the Flower Ngo module experience at the wonted time of cardinal o'timepiece, noonday. The succeeding convergence is on February nth. We jazz conventional a rattling pretty crossbreed from the assembling of Mrs. F. L. Ames, Beantown, General., a seedling raised by Mr. W. Thespian between C. Boxallh and one of the montanum forms of C. insigne. A word between these two species was mentioned at p. 74 of our finish loudness, under the argot of C. X Madame de Curte, but it has also received at slightest quintuplet added sharp traducement, and we are unsettled which is the novel one. The attending one resembles C. Boxallii statesman than the added parent. Added flush of Cattleya labiata pallida, described at attender 7 of our parting loudness, comes from the assembling of J. W. Arkle, Esq., Westside Chapeau, City. Oddly sufficiency, th

All Dog Breeds embroidery designs

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